Notification of Token burn

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【Notification of Tokenburn】
NAM implemented a burn of 100 billion NAM, equivalent to about 83.3% of the total token volume.
Therefore, the current total distribution amount is 20 billion NAM.

Burn was performed at two addresses. The following shows each address and the amount. We burned a total of 100 billion NAM .
① Address: 0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000dead
Quantity: 89999823856.4475 NAM
② Address: 0x236614126bcae65e9c0e0d840acc2fb381301ae5
Quantity: 10000176143.5582 NAM

The above information is the destination address and amount of burn token.

We will explain about the exist of two burn addresses.

The burn performed at this address is based on the general of the time before the end of sale. 10000176143.5582 NAM has been burned.
NAM amount of this address is burned, and no one can move it.
Related to the burn and not eligible for distribution please check the address contract code at Github URL below. Anyone can check it.
Github URL:

Burn perform at this address is a token burn which was done based on the general after the sale ended.



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